Nepal. The name, locals will tell you, stands for Never Ending Peace And Love, and they've got a point. This is a country that's just a little bit special. Proudly holding its own between its much bigger neighbors India and China, Nepal may not be a geographical giant – but it boasts huge diversity in both landscape and culture. With scenery ranging from towering snowy mountains (including Mount Everest, the world's highest peak), through the lush temperate hill country to the tropical grasslands of the Terai, Nepal really does have something to offer every visitor, no matter what it is that makes your heart skip. The one constant is the tireless hospitality of the Nepali people, friendly, kind and laid-back, quick to remind you that “guests are gods”, and to prove it with a smile, a friendly word or a plate of the beloved national dish Daal Bhat.

See yourself, tired but triumphant, submitting a Himalaya? Or challenge yourself to take the world's most beautiful bungee jump, hurtling through the sheer gorge of the Bhote Khusi river? How about peering through binoculars from the back of your very own elephant, spotting tigers and rhinos as you lumber through Chitwan National Park? If you like your adventures a bit less hair-raising, you could be wrapped up cozy on the roof of your hotel, taking in the sunrise over the snowy mountains from Dhulikhel or Nagarkot, or exploring Nepal's unique blend of Hindu and Buddhist traditions as you visit grand temple complexes like Pashupatinath and Lumbini, reputedly the birthplace of the Buddha. In between journeys, channel your boho vibe and swap 'Namaste and tall tales with fellow travelers as you let your hair down in one of Kathmandu's many bars and pubs.

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